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Lighting up the WORLD with one act of kindness, one story and one Message at a time.
AllSTAR Transformation Stories showcasing selfcare & mindset work transforming lives.

Sandra Landau R.N.

Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan U.S.
My Rockstar Testimony

Dusty Simmers

Alamo, Nevada U.S.
My Rockstar Testimony

Rosa-Lee McKenzie

Red Deer, Alberta Canada
My Rockstar Testimony

Dave Kral

Vancouver, BC Canada
My Rockstar Testimony

D'Leene DeBoer R.N.

Dayton, Oregon U.S.
My Rockstar Testimony

Jen Engel

Strathmore, Alberta Canada
My Rockstar Testimony

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  • Sandra Landau RN
  • Anna Brennen RN, DSN, ACM

Wyandotte Henry Ford Emergency Department

RockSTAR Testimony CEO is a Registered Nurse, Emotional Trauma survivor,Anxiety,depression,PTSD,Prescription pill addiction, Recovery, Suicide Survivor; Healing , has spent months on Mindset work and self care . Sandra has had an amazing transformation and has reignited her passionate compassion for helping people.

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Sandra Landau R.N. Volunteer

Rock STAR President
RockSTAR Wellness Director
RockSTAR Speaking Team Director
CHallenge Founder
Project Campaign Manager
Project Sponsorship Director

Dave Kral

AllSTAR Business Consultant
Challenge AllSTAR team Manager

Dusty Simmers

RockSTAR Vice President
Volunteer Featured Coaching Service Director
CHallenge Co-Founder
Project AllSTAR Team Manager

D'Leene DeBoer RN,BSN,MS

Featured Podcast Director
Project Wellness Education Manager

Rosa-Lee McKenzie. Volunteer

RockSTAR Vice President
Volunteer Support Service Director
Volunteer Social Media Director
CHallenge Co-Founder
Project Marketing Manager
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Community acts of kindness in different cities, states & countries while creating awareness for emotional & mental health Wellness.
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